Herbalist’s Spring Shopping List

Excerpt from our 4/12/21 “Just the Essentials” Newsletter.  It gets so busy in the spring that if we aren’t prepared we can miss things. People are sharing ideas on social media and you will see me running outside with a jar, grabbing buds or twigs to try something new at least once a week. The thrill is never-ending!  Be prepared.


Spring Shopping List

Spring is popping out all over the place here. There are a few things you’ll want to have on hand for herb-crafting so that you don’t miss the herbs when they are at their peaks.

1. Alcohol for tinctures. I usually get 151 proof, because it’s a high enough proof for everything, and can be watered down if necessary.

2. Good Vinegar… You’ll want real apple cider vinegar and some good white wine vinegar. The clear vinegar is great for chive, redbud, and nasturtium infusions – so begin with. The apple cider vinegar is great as fruits start ripening and will work well for shrubs and similar hot weather drinks.


3. Honey and/or Maple Syrup will be great for elixirs, and the honey for herbal honey.  Don’t forget that sometimes (hard candy, some syrups) you’ll need regular, refined sugar.

4. Olive oil, or whatever oil you’d like to use for external (medicinal) and internal (generally food) uses.

5. Bottles and jars to get these concoctions started.
This is a very general list. 


Eventually, you’ll want things like salts, clays, powdered milk, fancy bottles, droppers, and more.



Since the newsletter went out, I remembered that I always run out of distilled water.  I also use a lot of broth for green soups – so it’s a good thing to stock up on. Everyone has their own thing that they run out of.  Egg cartons are in high demand right now too!
Here’s a start.  HAVE FUN!



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