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10 Reasons Why Reiki is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

There are a lot of speculations and skepticism around Reiki and other healing sciences. According to the scientific consensus, Reiki is called pseudoscience. This is mainly because science does not approve of the phenomenon that is not measurable and does not have biological plausibility. However, it is worth noticing that epidemiologist, Austin Hill who proposed the causal association of ‘biological plausibility,’ himself de-emphasized it by saying that many discoveries happened when there was no biological…

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10 Vegetables For Beginner Gardeners To Grow

By Neenah Payne Multiple Ways To Handle Food Insecurity Now shows why no one can take food security for granted now and explores several ways to become more secure. My First Indoor Gardening Steps explains that in April, I began by buying five Edible Garden plants that I grow in my dining room window. That was a very easy, fun way to get started and it helped me learn about the personalities of plants. The…

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Feeling Tired? Here’s How the Brain’s “Hourglass” Controls Your Need for Sleep – New Research

By Lukas B. Krone, University of Oxford; Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, University of Oxford, and Zoltán Molnár, University of Oxford No one can stay awake forever. While we’re awake, our need for sleep gradually increases. If we deprive ourselves of sleep, our brain functions – such as attention or judgment – are impaired, and sleep becomes irresistible. No matter whether we are on a couch or at work – if we ignore our need for sleep, we…

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September/October 2021 Essential Herbal Magazine

    TABLE OF CONTENTS:   Field Notes from the Editor, Tina Sams Rubbing elbows with herbies again, what we’re up to, and some business. About the Cover a bit about New England Asters An Apple a Day Keeps the Herbs in Play, Alicia Allen Apples in everything from salad, tarts, muffins, dinner bake, and so much more!  For instance:  Bacon, Apple, and White Cheddar Grilled Sandwiches… Uplifting Coffee Cardamom Lip Balm, Jessicka Nebesni Mmmm……

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African Swine Fever reaches Americas — Threatens #1 Pork Exporter, USA

By Ice Age Farmer African Swine Fever, which destroyed 70% of China’s pork, has been confirmed in the Americas. Though the USDA assures us all is well due to new biosecurity measures, failures to contain ASF in China, Germany, and elsewhere suggest otherwise. Could this lead to the shutdown of the #1 pork exporter in the world – and do unimaginable damage to farmers in the USA? Is traditional farming and ranching really too dirty…

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