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10 Vegetables For Beginner Gardeners To Grow

By Neenah Payne Multiple Ways To Handle Food Insecurity Now shows why no one can take food security for granted now and explores several ways to become more secure. My First Indoor Gardening Steps explains that in April, I began by buying five Edible Garden plants that I grow in my dining room window. That was a very easy, fun way to get started and it helped me learn about the personalities of plants. The…

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Summer Cooking: Fresh Fruit Compote

As August draws near, nothing is more refreshing than biting into a juicy peach or gobbling a handful of berries fresh from the garden. But when you are looking for something special to serve for family or (gasp!) enjoy for breakfast, try this simple recipe. It’s super-versatile and super-delicious! Fresh Fruit Compote 1 apple, peeled, seeded, and diced 3 ripe peaches, pitted and diced 2-3 cups berries of your choosing Directions Place a medium saucepan…

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8 Inexpensive Options for Small Space Gardening

By Jayne Rising With many options for inexpensive small space gardening out there, attempts to grow food in an urban environment can be successful. With the possibility of famine looming due to the pandemic, fuel pipeline and meat processing plant hacks and drought, now is the time to seriously consider becoming a producer.  A big problem in urban agriculture is space, specifically horizontal space House lots in the city tend to be small, and apartments…

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Mexico Wants to Import Non-GMO Corn and US Farmers Say They Can Deliver It

By Ken Roseboro While U.S. agribusiness groups are trying to pressure Mexico into abandoning their announced bans on glyphosate herbicide and imports of genetically modified corn by 2024, U.S. suppliers of non-GMO seed and grain see an opportunity to supply Mexico with non-GMO corn. “Could we supply Mexico? Absolutely,” says Bill Niebur, president of High Fidelity Genetics, an Iowa-based non-GMO corn seed company. “In terms of acres, it’s not a problem. Instead of criticizing Mexico,…

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Six Reasons Why Potatoes Are Good For You

By Duane Mellor, Aston University The humble potato has been given a bad rap. What was once a cheap staple of many countries’ diets has instead been branded in recent years an “unhealthy” food best avoided. Eating too much of any type or group of food (like carbohydrates) isn’t healthy, and some research suggests eating too many potato products, in particular, might be associated with higher blood pressure. But it’s typically the way we prepare…

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