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Documentary Exposes the Alarming Truth — TV Puts Us In Hypnotic State and Suppresses Critical Thinking

By Phillip Schneider A documentary titled Pseudology: The Art of Lying tells what many of us already presumed. Watching television does put the viewer in a suggestible, almost hypnotic, state of mind and suppresses our ability to think critically. The documentary explains: “If you’ve ever experienced a mind fog after watching television, you’re not alone.…

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May Day or MAYDAY: 5G, Wireless Tech, Laws vs. Lawlessness

By Patricia Burke In his blog “The Seneca Effect”, Ugo Bardi writes, “the ancient Roman philosopher, Seneca, may have been the first who noted that collapses come fast and unexpected.”[i] On the other hand, cultural anthropologist Jean Huston, describes “Jump Time.” “What we’re looking upon in this particular era of enormous change is synonymous with…

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Aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease

NODE SMITH, ND A new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports continues to support a growing body of evidence that aluminum contributes to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researchers found aluminum co-located with phosphorylated tau protein, which is an early initiator of AD. This study builds upon two earlier published studies…

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HIIT Workouts: Just 15 Minutes of Intense Activity Can Improve Heart Health

By Matthew Haines, University of Huddersfield . They don’t require as much time as a regular workout (some can take as little as 10 minutes), and research shows that High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts have become popular in recent years for a number of reasons prove fitness, lower blood pressure and help people better manage their…

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