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Moderna Warns that New Variants of Covid-19 are Coming

By Jesse Smith The fear-mongering I warned about regarding new variants of COVID-19 in my “Get Ready for COVID-21” article from January is picking up steam. Recently, scientists and executives from Moderna began sounding the alarm that the current crop of “vaccines” wouldn’t be enough to stem the tide of newly emerging COVID variants that are more even transmissible. An article from Deadline highlighted comments from Moderna’s chief scientific officer Melissa Moore, who stated: As the…

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California and Nevada Are Now 100% in Drought

By Robert Wheeler California and Nevada are 100% in drought. Direct from After two water years of dry conditions, both California and Nevada are now 100% in drought. And with dire drought conditions, rapidly decreasing snowpack, and low reservoir levels, concern for wildfire season is growing. Read the drought status update to learn more. This is a dry spell not seen since the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days. Because of the drought,…

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Skills I Never Expected I’d Have to Learn

By J.G. Martinez As preppers, we try to teach others the skills they need to be more self-reliant. Even the most self-sustained preppers out there know that knowledge is the most valuable preparedness tool there is. During these couple of years that I’ve been (almost) on my own, I had to learn skills I never expected I’d have to learn. Some of them very interesting. Like dehydrating food. And other skills, like sewing (Ugh). Those…

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Channel Writing with Your Reiki Guides

Developing a communicative connection with your Reiki guides can be learned quite easily. I use the method of channel writing. Channel writing provides me not only with answers to my questions but also helps me in separating the needs and wants of my ego from the divine messages. One way that this can be done is by consciously turning your Reiki energy on in whichever method you prefer, and asking “What would my Reiki guides…

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Mexico Wants to Import Non-GMO Corn and US Farmers Say They Can Deliver It

By Ken Roseboro While U.S. agribusiness groups are trying to pressure Mexico into abandoning their announced bans on glyphosate herbicide and imports of genetically modified corn by 2024, U.S. suppliers of non-GMO seed and grain see an opportunity to supply Mexico with non-GMO corn. “Could we supply Mexico? Absolutely,” says Bill Niebur, president of High Fidelity Genetics, an Iowa-based non-GMO corn seed company. “In terms of acres, it’s not a problem. Instead of criticizing Mexico,…

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