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The Importance of Teaching Children to Become Resilient

By Joanna Miller For us, as adults, it’s easy to get frustrated these days. Whether you are a big-picture person, looking at the trends in surveillance technology and “The Great Reset” hubris, or an ordinary person frustrated by spiking prices and constant supply headaches. Many of us have had to tap into our inner resources to stand resilient in the face of these challenges. How can we teach kids to do the same? How do…

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Aromatherapy and Migraines

Aromatherapy and Migraines The majority of physicians concur that aromatherapy makes an outstanding complementary therapy for migraineurs. Aromatherapy has actually not been shown to remove migraine headaches, but when utilized to match standard therapy and medication it can decrease the frequency and intensity of attacks. Aromatherapy is a natural recovery methodology that uses plant-derived vital oils to attain a wanted healing effect. It is not understood exactly how aromatherapy works, whether it is a chemical…

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Acupressure ans Migraines

Acupressure is a completely non-invasive treatment alternative that has a high success rate amongst migraineurs (people who suffer from migraine headaches). It has a tested track record as a successful pain abatement technique. Acupressure is also effective in reducing both the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. Chi, or life energy, streams along the meridians and through the energy points in healthy people. Chi that is obstructed or overabundant near particular energy points causes health…

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Moderna Warns that New Variants of Covid-19 are Coming

By Jesse Smith The fear-mongering I warned about regarding new variants of COVID-19 in my “Get Ready for COVID-21” article from January is picking up steam. Recently, scientists and executives from Moderna began sounding the alarm that the current crop of “vaccines” wouldn’t be enough to stem the tide of newly emerging COVID variants that are more even transmissible. An article from Deadline highlighted comments from Moderna’s chief scientific officer Melissa Moore, who stated: As the…

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Supreme Court Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $2.1 Billion in Baby Powder Lawsuit

Children’s Health Defense Waking Times Editor’s Note: We’ve been reporting on this issue for years, pointing out the cover-up and the deceptive practices of Johnson & Johnson. Here’s an article I penned in 2016… For 40 Years Johnson & Johnson Hid Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Connection. The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to reverse a $2.1 billion verdict for plaintiffs who claim the company’s talc powder products gave them ovarian…

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