By Matthew Farrow, University of Bradford Many people with rheumatoid arthritis avoid exercise for fear that it may make their arthritis worse. While it may be hard to exercise with arthritis, staying as active as possible has actually been shown to reduce pain and improve symptoms. This is because our bodies are designed to move. Rheumatoid arthritis, which affects approximately 400,000 adults in the UK, is a long-term condition that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness
Arm and neck pain can be aggravating due to how important your arms and neck are throughout your everyday routine. Depending on how much pain you are in, then you may want to seek out some immediate ways to alleviate the pain that you are dealing with. These seven ways are natural options that you can use to try and alleviate any neck and arm pain that you may be dealing with. 1. Rest Rest
By Ice Age Farmer The energy crisis is quickly becoming a food crisis: China’s harvest is faltering without electricity. Dutch are unable to heat their greenhouses, which are empty and cold. The UK’s meat production is curtailed by a lack of CO2. The world’s food supply chains are deteriorating rapidly — but the tide is turning! People are more receptive to creative ideas than ever — build and invest in YOUR food production and local
Compiled by Patricia Burke “No federal funds should be used to subsidize WIRELESS communication since WIRELESS communication uses over ten times more energy than WIRED communication to send the same information.” “Climate change” is justifying sweeping policies and infrastructure decisions worldwide. Whether or not one subscribes to the concept of climate change, it is inexplicable that infrastructure decisions are being justified to address climate change –  that actually increase energy consumption, and that cause environmental
By Andrea Germanos A new congressional report released Wednesday revealing the baby food industry has failed to keep products with heavy metals off the shelves spurred calls for federal authorities to enact swift action and tough limits on toxin levels. “This is what happens when you let the food and chemical companies, not the FDA, decide whether our food is safe to eat,” said Scott Faber, senior vice president for government affairs at Environmental Working

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