The Many Nuances of the Mental/Emotional Symbol

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I’ve been doing Reiki since I was 15 years old, and of all the symbols I’ve learned and been attuned to over the years the one that still intrigues me is the Mental/Emotional symbol. The SHK. I always felt like it had hidden depths and meanings.

I was first introduced to the SHK in my level 2 class with Colleen Kennard, Beth Gray’s only American Master student. At first, I thought it was almost a joke, looking so funny, but I soon found it very useful. In Beth’s tradition, the SHK is considered the “talking symbol”. Hawayo Takata taught Beth a special level 2 attunement process which gave the practitioner the ability to communicate with the inner self of a client. You could ask it questions like, “What is the root cause of this person’s eczema” or “What can this person do to heal their pancreatitis” or whatever. When I worked with people this way I often got lots of images related to their life and livelihood.

Since Beth has passed on, as have most of her master students, that technique is essentially lost to level 2 practitioners. However, any level 3 practitioner can use it in this way. All you do is draw on their Crown chakra a CKR, an SHK and another CKR then say (out loud or to yourself), “Inner Temple to Inner Temple, my mind to your mind”. This use of the SHK will connect you to the person’s higher self and you can ask respectful, relevant questions regarding their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health. I find the answers are always succinct, simple and straightforward.

The Many Nuances of the Mental/Emotional Symbol

Another way I’ve learned to use the SHK was given to me during a Holy Fire®III session one day. I asked if there was anything else I could do to help the person I was doing a distance healing and Yeshua (Jesus) said “Imagine the SHK over the person, say the name three times, and then say ‘Celestial Choir’”. I did so and immediately all this negative, dark energy in their aura began to move out of their bodies and disappear. It looked like rain falling upwards, out of their body, and then evaporating. In Barbara Ann Brennon’s book “Hands of Light”, she discusses the Sixth auric layer/body called the Celestial Body. It is the level where we experience spiritual ecstasy (Brennon pg. 53, Bantam Books ©1987), and when using the SHK in this way, the Celestial Body is cleared of any negative energy, leaving behind a beautiful clear energy field. Using the symbol in this way makes the person feel lighter and more clear.

My most recent discovery of the symbol was shown to me the other day. All you do is imagine a CKR and a SHK in your energy field and then say, “Power up” on yourself. Immediately found that my energetic core becomes brighter and more powerful, and I feel a strong sense of my 3rd chakra’s energy. This use increases one’s confidence and one’s connection to one’s personal power. In short, it shores up your personal strength.

I just felt I’d like to share these techniques with you, and I will continue to meditate on the SHK because I feel its depths have not even begun to be plumbed. Thank you!

Article by Colin Johnson


Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson took level 1 Reiki from Beth Gray (one of Takata’s 22 masters) at the age of 15 (1991), level 2 from Colleen Kennard at the age of 16 (1992), level 3 at the age of 28 from Winterhawk and stopped doing Reiki at the age of 30. After 14 years of not doing Reiki, he took it up again at the age of 44. Colin retrained from William L. Rand in his Holy Fire Reiki classes and completed Master level in Dec of last year. He spends a good deal of his time doing distance Reiki on people who are desperately ill.
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