“Record-High” Coral Coverage across the Great Barrier Reef: Claims of Impending Extinction Proven False

By Cap Allon


Marine Physicist Peter Ridd was taken to task for daring to question anthropogenic global warming’s impact on the Great Barrier Reef. Dr. Ridd believed that the catastrophic claims of ‘a dying reef’ spouted by many of his puppet-peers were overcooked. And where others privately questioned the consensus, Peter Ridd had a backbone and went public with his beliefs.

Basically, Dr. Peter Ridd wrote an opinion piece in the Jan, 2018 issue of Marine Pollution Bulletin which challenged the prevailing understanding of the state of the Great Barrier Reef. The essay drew attention to what Ridd argued was a “reproducibility crisis” and also to the validity of specific papers on the topic. Moreover, he recommended a new review body for “policy science”.

As a result, Dr. Ridd’s employer, James Cook University, took a number of disciplinary measures against him, and ultimately he was dismissed. It didn’t stop there, though — in the process, Ridd’s character was assassinated, his reputation was tarnished, and his funds were drained (via fighting this BS in court). And for what…? What great crime did he commit…? Well, in today’s world of controlling agendas and narrative-driving fraud, Dr. Peter Ridd’s crime was simply ‘speaking the truth’:

“Record-High” Coral Coverage in Great Barrier Reef

As reported by Sky News Australia, former JCU Marine Physicist Peter Ridd says the Great Barrier Reef is now experiencing “record high coral cover”.

“This is data that’s been accumulated over a little while now and it shows … it’s actually at record high coral cover… We’ve got more coral on the Great Barrier Reef now than we did when records began in 1985,” said Ridd.

“We’ve got twice as much coral as we had after huge cyclones went through the reef in about 2011 and 2012, and this record-high coral cover is despite supposedly having three catastrophic unprecedented bleaching events in just the last five years. So you’ve just got to wonder were those bleaching events as catastrophic as these experts supposedly claimed?” concluded Dr. Peter Ridd – who I think showed a meritorious level of tongue biting.

My question is, what does an alarmist do with this piece of information?

In recent times, coral bleaching, like the disappearance of polar bears, was all the rage — placards were drawn up and children were told of the devastating impact that their rides to school were having on the Great Barrier Reef. Even articles from late-2020 were stating that “if global warming worsens, we could lose this world wonder as early as 2050”. Others were even more dramatic, claiming that “if current trends continue, over 90 percent or more of the living coral will be gone from the central and southern parts of the reef in just 10 years.”

Today, though, you’ll notice those two examples – bleaching and polar bears – have fallen out of favor; and this isn’t because atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced, allowing these two organisms to thrive. Rather, this is due to real-world observations proving the original ‘science’ 100% false. The ‘science’ failed, spectacularly — there are no two ways about it. Yet the scientists involved still hold their jobs (unlike Peter Ridd), and have somehow maintained their credibility (at least with the MSM and so, in turn, with the indoctrinated masses). How? It’s obvious — they toed the AGW Party line and, so, at least for as long as they continue to do so, they will continue to be rewarded.

Moreover, even as mainstream science appears to quietly catch up with reality, many ordinary people do not. Due in no small part to a lack of retractions by mainstream publications, this sheeple is doomed to hang on to old fairy tales and recite them at demonstrations and even in our classrooms. This is the power of fear-driven propaganda — it is very pervasive and long-lasting.

This is by design, of course.

But just a modicum of critical thinking can break you free.

Try it, with a myriad of topics — my advice, though: take it one subject at a time, as it can get a little overwhelming.

But just with regards to global warming — the list of scientific failures is exhaustive: you have the aforementioned Great Barrier Reef debacle, and polar bears; then you’ve claims of an ice-free Arctic, and of no more snow; you have terrestrial temperatures failing to comply with the modeling, same with sea surface temperatures; you have major hurricanes decreasing, not increasing as was foretold; you have Antarctic ice growing exponentially, and you have Arctic ice and Greenland SMB on a sharp recovery.

Almost everything they tell us on almost every topic is part of a bigger game plan – the pushing of a narrative, rather than the facts.

I am not a conspiratorial person for conspiracy’s sake. I am not bored. My life is fulfilling. It’s just that my eyes are my own, and I think critically. Depressingly, though, with a vaccination rate now over 80%+ in many countries, I fear I am in the minority…

We are losing our freedoms. Yet people don’t seem to care. Distractions are powerful. We are increasing – and intentionally – losing ourselves in ‘screens’. We are escaping into Netflix and YouTube in order to block out the draconian forces infiltrating our reality. We feel powerless against these forces and so subconsciously chose to succumb and instead find our peace and ‘happiness’ within a virtual reality constructed around banal 3-act storytelling and celebrity worship — and again, it is all by design.

Break free.

Everything is at stake here.

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