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10 Reasons Why Reiki is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

There are a lot of speculations and skepticism around Reiki and other healing sciences. According to the scientific consensus, Reiki is called pseudoscience. This is mainly because science does not approve of the phenomenon that is not measurable and does not have biological plausibility. However, it is worth noticing that epidemiologist, Austin Hill who proposed the causal association of ‘biological plausibility,’ himself de-emphasized it by saying that many discoveries happened when there was no biological…

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San Jiao: The Powerful Mystery Meridian for Metabolism Function

When we look to the organ that controls metabolism function, most people would go to the Stomach. However, it’s not a physical organ at all; it’s a mystery meridian called the San Jiao—the body’s most powerful energy pathway for metabolism function. The San Jiao is the only meridian that is not associated with a physical organ. There’s no “middle man” to interrupt its functioning at the energetic level. With no physical organ to slow its…

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The Many Nuances of the Mental/Emotional Symbol

I’ve been doing Reiki since I was 15 years old, and of all the symbols I’ve learned and been attuned to over the years the one that still intrigues me is the Mental/Emotional symbol. The SHK. I always felt like it had hidden depths and meanings. I was first introduced to the SHK in my level 2 class with Colleen Kennard, Beth Gray’s only American Master student. At first, I thought it was almost a…

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Aromatherapy Used In Treatments of Medical Conditions

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice of using certain aromatic fragrances to stimulate nerves within the nose.  Those nerves reach the necessary part of the brain that controls certain functions. The science of aromatherapy is the use of scented oils that come from varying parts of flowers, plants, and in some cases – bark!  Each scent that’s used in aromatherapy has an underlying purpose.  Different scents treat different types of conditions within our bodies.  Medical conditions…

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Aromatherapy Scents That Are Good for Your Mental Health

Aromatherapy has long been touted as a beneficial therapy for physical conditions.  But it can also be good for your mental health as well.  Extracting the scented oils from various plants, aromatherapy products permeate your body and mind to offer relaxing, healthful benefits that last. Aromatherapy should never be used as a sole treatment to those conditions that go beyond a minor state.  But it can complement traditional treatments prescribed by a professional in the…

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