7 Ways to Alleviate Neck and Arm Pain Naturally

Arm and neck pain can be aggravating due to how important your arms and neck are throughout your everyday routine. Depending on how much pain you are in, then you may want to seek out some immediate ways to alleviate the pain that you are dealing with. These seven ways are natural options that you can use to try and alleviate any neck and arm pain that you may be dealing with.

1. Rest

Rest should be one of the first methods you try to alleviate any kind of pain. You may be experiencing pain or discomfort due to the overuse of certain muscles. Resting those muscles can allow them to recover and slowly ease the pain.

There is not a set amount of time that you should rest these muscles for. You may find that the pain is alleviated after a day, or you may find that it is alleviated after a week. Rest can be paired with other methods to help speed up your recovery time.

2. Ice/Heat

Ice is a common method to try and alleviate pain in all areas of the body. Pain in your neck and arm may be caused by irritation or swelling. Ice is a perfect remedy for swelling or irritation. The ice is able to reduce any kind of swelling or irritation. Then, you should follow the ice up with the heat. The ice reduces swelling and the heat loosens the muscles up.

If this does not completely alleviate any kind of pain, then you should continue to do this. Over time your pain should subside and you can resume the activities that you were doing prior to the pain.

3. Compression

Compression can act as a quick fix for any kind of pain that may be present. If you are performing an activity that you cannot afford to take a break from, then you may want to look at some kind of compression sleeve.

Compression can help reduce and prevent further swelling, which will help you perform your activities. However, you should look for a long-term solution for your pain aside from wearing a compression sleeve.

4. Fix your posture

If you are experiencing neck pain, then you may want to fix your posture. Your posture can be the root of all neck pain that you are dealing with. Fixing your posture can relieve your pain immediately. It will take a while to maintain proper posture without focusing on it, but it will help in relieving any kind of temporary neck pain.

5. Strengthen surrounding muscles

You may be experiencing pain because the muscle, or surrounding muscles, are not strong enough to support the rest of your body. Strengthening the surrounding muscles can lessen the pain that you are dealing with, but it will take time to do so.

6. Massage

If you are dealing with pain that may be stress-related, then it could be beneficial to get a massage. A massage can help you release any kind of stress-related knots that may be present in your neck and arms. A massage can be a great way to get rid of tension in general.

7. Change your diet

If you have tried the other methods to alleviate your pain and they have not worked, then you may want to try changing what you eat. There may be certain foods in your diet that can cause muscle irritation. Processed foods and fried foods are two foods that may cause this irritation.

If changing your diet does not work, then you should contact a doctor for neck and back pain. Seeing a doctor will help you gain an understanding of why you are suffering from this pain. It will also help you find another way to relieve your pain.


If you find an option that is able to alleviate the pain that you are dealing with, then you should try and stick to that method. However, you should try multiple options if you are not able to relieve the pain. Depending on the level of pain, each method will work differently for everyone. It may take a combination of these to relieve your pain, which is fine. Whatever works for you is what you should use to alleviate your pain.

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